October ZEALOTS Meeting


Evan Whitesides and Mike Simmons of Meridian Hive. Their meads will be available in the Austin area soon.

On Saturday, my wife and I went to the October meeting of the Austin ZEALOTS homebrewing club. These days, ZEALOTS meetings are held at a different brewery every month. And with the explosion in the number of breweries in Austin, we’ve had plenty of places to choose from.

This month, the meeting was held at Meridian Hive Meadery. Meridian Hive was formed by three ZEALOTS, Mike Simmons, Evan Whitesides and Eric Lowe and is on the cusp of releasing their first mead (an orange blossom honey mead). At the meeting, they had this mead on tap, including one tap with a dry hopped version of the mead.

Attendance at the meeting was low because several members were at the GABF, others were attending the ACL (Austin City Limits) Music Festival and still others were at the University of Texas vs. Texas A&M game. Nonetheless, we had a lot of great beers and it was a good time, as always.

Next weekend, my wife and I are heading to Dixie Cup XXX, the 30th Dixie Cup conference held by Houston’s Foam Rangers.






ZEALOTS relaxing and enjoying some beers and meads.


My wife enjoying a beer at the meeting.




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