Beer News (July 16–August 4)

BWJlogoOnce again, let’s start with a “listicle” (an article in the form of a list). Here, Deadspin ranks the beers of the Beer Camp 12-pack

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Mitch Steele on Stone’s Plans for Their Berlin Brewery


Mitch Steele, Brewmaster at Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Brewing Co. recently announced plans to establish a brewery in Berlin, making them the first American craft brewery to independently open up shop in Europe.  (Earlier this year, Brooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg partnered and opened a brewery in Stockholm, Sweden.) I asked Mitch Steele, Brewmaster at Stone, about their plans for their Berlin brewery. Although all the details have not been ironed out, he was able to share some information.

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Beer News (June 16–July 15)

BWJlogoOK, news has been slow recently and I haven’t compiled a Beer News post in awhile. So, let’s start off with a listicle of summer seasonal beers, from Thrillist. And here’s Uproxx’s opinion on the five best beer festivals, or perhaps the only five fests the author has attended. And, while you’re drinking summer beer, you can pour it in your own UV protecting beer glass.

If you think the IPA craze has run its course, think again. Now, there’s an IPA smoked with sheep dung. Who knows, it might taste good paired with some insects.


Sour Beer News

Fans of sour beer all know that Cantillon is the bomb. And now, appropriately, it is going to be aged in a bomb shelter. And, New Glarus has some new sours aged in its own special cave.

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Beer News (June 9–15)

BWJlogoOK, let’s start with a couple listicles from the southern US. Texas Monthly suggests 8 things to drink in the summer and Travel Pulse discusses beer drinking destinations in the south.

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to deliver a short rant. Normally, I take a “just the facts” approach to Beer and Wine Journal articles. Opinions are fine, everyone has them, but the facts are much more interesting and are actually worth reading. It takes time and energy to uncover facts, and therefore they have value. In contrast, it takes no time to develop an opinion and hence they are worthless . . . but they might have some entertainment value. So, with that in mind, enjoy my rant (or skip it) and I will return to explaining the nuts and bolts of brewing beer in my next post.

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Beer News (June 2–8)


Instead of the usual listicle to kick things off, here’s an interesting map from the Washington Post — the relative proportion of bars vs. grocery stores across the US.


Gassy, Visible in the Night Sky, and Yet to Be Probed by Man

Bell’s Brewery is about to debut a series of beers based on Gustov Holst’s orchestral suite “The Planets”. Get ready for the Uranus jokes.


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Beer News (May25–June 1)

BWJlogoI’ll start with some sad news. The founder of Rogue Ales, Jack Joyce, has died. Joyce started out as an executive for Nike shoes before founding the now iconic Oregon brewing company back 1988.

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Beer News (May 11-18)



Scary news this week from California — Stone Brewing had to evacuate their brewery in the face of a wildfire. So far, the brewery and its residents are okay, but the wildfires in the region continue. In other California brewery news, Sierra Nevada is opening a nano brewery, a 20-gallon (~80-L) pilot system for experimentation.

The Brewers Association has released a new set of guidelines for craft beer.

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Beer News (May 4–11)

BWJlogoAlright, let’s start with a couple “listicles” (articles that are really just a list). The website Hiconsumption gave what it felt were the 15 best canned beers. Yahoo Travel listed 5 cities in which to find a perfect pint. And finally, Buzzfeed presented a list of breweries “that you should know about.

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Beer News (April 29–May 4)

BWJlogoSo, the Kentucky Derby was run this week. But for beer drinkers, perhaps the important most important race was this one — the setting of the new beer mile world record.

For years, craft brewing has shown strong growth. However, it’s not the fastest growing alcoholic beverage, this year, cider is. (And the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Minnesota is getting an influx of new cider brands.) And, some breweries are branching out into more expensive, “luxury” offerings.

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Beer News (April 21–28)

BWJlogoSo there’s a craft brew festival for nudists scheduled. Oh good, an opportunity to see a bunch of fat, bearded dudes naked. Can I wear a blindfold?

A company has announced that is is releasing “powdered alcohol,” and bunch of people flipped out. First of all, it’s not powdered alcohol. Alcohol is only a solid at very cold temperatures or crushing pressures. At room temperature, it’s a liquid. And if you “dehydrate it,” it turns into acetaldehyde, which is a gas at “room temperature.”  [Read more…]